des Hôtels Littéraires
receives the CSR commitment award
at the 2022 Best Western Convention

Sustainable tourism

The Société des Hôtels Littéraires is committed to a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach with the aim of contributing to sustainable development issues.

By transforming the hotel stay into a cultural and artistic journey with an author, we promote the establishment of a sustainable Tourism. This social commitment goes hand in hand with the adoption of an environmental policy that is essential for meeting the challenges of tomorrow’s tourism. As such, the Société des Hôtels Littéraires is one of the pioneers of environmentally-friendly transition in the tourism sector.

Under the leadership of Alban Letertre, Managing Director, we have joined the Coq vert community of the BPI, of which we are very proud to be a scout member in order to help companies wishing to participate in this essential evolution of the hotel sector.

All our hotels have received the international Green Key label, the 1st label for tourist accommodation and restaurants that proposes to take action for Sustainable Tourism.

Concrete actions on a daily basis

Saving energy and water

Thanks to eco-flow diagnostics, prior to any serious effort in the energy and water saving sector, we can organise the monitoring of consumption and limit resource losses.

It is then simple and effective gestures such as the installation of sub-counters in the floors and the generalisation of LED bulbs, centralised temperature management, reversible air conditioning and regulated lighting of the rooms.

Sustainable products and waste sorting

We have set ourselves a zero single-use plastic goal by focusing on glass containers and kraft paper laundry bags. For the sorting of waste and the collection of bio-waste, we set up partnerships with local organisations such as TerraLeo and Bioclimakit.

Food waste

Food waste is a subject that is close to our hearts. That’s why we joined the Too good to go! movement, an application that allows us to offer our unsold items at a very attractive price and thus limit losses. On average, two daily baskets are saved with breakfast products.

Locally-sourced products

For breakfasts and snacks, we prefer the short circuit by working with local producers and offering many homemade recipes, made using local products. Individual packages for breakfast are limited to the maximum.
– Therefore, in Clermont-Ferrand, the Alexandre Vialatte Literary Hotel offers honey from the “La Ruche des Volcans” honey factory, “Léa’s eggs” from Vitrac, a spread from “L’artisan Tartineur” in Civens in the Loire, homemade yoghurts or those from “La Ferme de la Batisse” in Vitrac.
– At the bar of the Gustave Flaubert Literary Hotel in Rouen, the drinks offered come from local companies: ‘Les coqs toqués’ juices, La MIN organic beer, Mimouna lemonades, Bovary Cider from Bertrand Asselin, Calvados/pommeau from the Château du Breuil, Benedictine from Fécamp, Vodka and Gin from the Distillerie de la Seine.
– Even in Paris, it’s possible! The Marcel Aymé Literary Hotel in Montmartre has chosen the NIBI café, which offers locally roasted, committed and bicycle-delivered coffees.

Eco-labelled products

To take care of our customers while respecting the environment, our cleaning products are all eco-labelled. We are also acquiring steam vacuum cleaners that do not require products to be used and that are very water-efficient.

Sponsorship of beehives

…Thanks to the organisation “A roof for the bees.” While participating in the protection of bees, we harvest a hundred jars of honey a year which are thus offered at the hotel breakfasts and we can offer jars and melliferous plants to our loyal customers. Some hotels have even embarked on the establishment of insect hotels or the organisation of gardening workshops.


Our hotels are committed to alternative transport. For example, the Flaubert Literary Hotel in Rouen has acquired an electric vehicle and provides charging stations. It has been awarded the ACCUEIL VELO label, just like the Jules Verne hotel in Biarritz, which recruits professionals to offer info and services adapted to tourists travelling by bike

Associative partnerships

This aspect is essential for getting involved with local actors involved in the energy transition. Thus, the Jules Verne Literary Hotel in Biarritz works in partnership with many organisations and local companies committed to the environment: recycling of masks with Versoo; partnership with the associative, social, solidarity and eco-responsible restaurant, Kokot Nomad; participation in beach cleaning operations with the Surfrider Foundation organisation; partnership with Bioclimakit for the sorting of bio-waste, the installation of a worm composter and a vegetable garden; partnership with UNISOAP, the first French organisation that recycles hotel soap to give access to hygiene for the most deprived.

Training of teams and customer communication

We communicate a lot with our teams and our customers about the importance of eco-friendly actions, to move together towards sustainable Tourism! A sign has been put up in the rooms to encourage guests to sort their rubbish. The hotel teams receive training to raise their awareness of environmental objectives, take stock of the issues and set up a roadmap through the OID Consultants firm. We also carry out a review of greenhouse gas emissions by hotel, followed by the creation of a Carbon review to monitor its objectives each year.


At the Hôtel Littéraire Jules Verne, in Biarritz,
ordering uniforms for the staff is undertaken with the purchase of Breton tops made entirely in France.