Throughout the year, cultural events punctuate the life of Hôtels Littéraires so that each one of them becomes a real cultural centre in the district or downtown in which it is located.

Literary Prizes:

– The Céleste Albaret prize has been awarded every year since 2015 to a book written about Marcel Proust or his work, with a jury made up of eminent specialists: Antoine Compagnon, Mireille Naturel, Jürgen Ritte, Michel Erman, Jacques Letertre, Laure Hillerin and Evelyne Bloch-Dano. It is organised by the Hôtel Littéraire Le Swann in partnership with the Fontaine Haussmann bookshop. The prizewinner is invited to hand over the prize the following year and come to stay in each of our Hôtels Littéraires.

– The Alexandre Vialatte prize is endowed by the La Montagne/Centre France group with 6105 euros, that is, “the sum of the height of Puy de Dôme and the length of the Congo River. “. It is presented every year to a book whose Vialattean spirit seduces a jury that is renewed every two years. It is first given in Paris then the next day in our hotel in Clermont-Ferrand to which the winner and all members of the jury are invited.

Literary evenings regularly liven up the life of your hotels, with musical performances, theatre, readings or book signing.

We also receive exhibitions to do with the book industry such as bookbinding but also exhibitions of photographs or travel books.

We welcome associations of friends of writers who wish to organise their general assemblies or literary evenings, like the Friends of Flaubert and Maupassant, Robert Desnos, Blaise Cendrars and Henri Pourrat, in addition to those which directly concern our authors. These include associations related to the book industry such as APPAR (Association for the Promotion of the Arts of Bookbinding), ARO (Association of Original Bookbinding), the Bibliophile Society of France, the Typographical Society and libraries with the Doucet Littérature association, the Friends of the Jacques Doucet library.

In each of the Hôtels Littéraires, the director and his team are trained to answer visitors’ questions. They offer their services in such a way as to best reconcile our cultural vocation with the requirements of a four-star stay.